Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Welcome to the new era of sports reporting...

Last June I boarded an airplane in Detroit and opened up my copy of the USA Today. I settled into my seat and quickly dispensed the rest of the paper and jumped to the only section that mattered to me at that time...the Sports section. I know, I know...I'm probably the ONLY person who has EVER done that. But as the saying goes, the sports section is the only section of a daily newspaper that occasionally has good news in it.

As an avid Los Angeles Dodgers fan (ok don't laugh too loudly), I wanted to see if my boys in blue had snapped their eight-game losing streak. Of course, because the game took place on the WEST Coast, there was no score to be found in my copy of the USA Today (which had been published on the EAST Coast). I grumbled to myself and thought "as great as the internet is...its too bad you cant take it with you on a plane."

That gave me an idea about Portability of sports news.

Why isn't there a national daily sports publication that is published as a PDF file?

I harkened back to the short-lived National Sports Daily as well as the birth and rise of ESPN as a network and began to entertain the "what if" questions that inevitably arise when one gets a crazy idea.

What if there were a National daily sports publication that we could deliver via a PDF file? What if we could cover EVERY game, EVERY day as if it were the 7th Game of the World Series or the Super Bowl? What if we could include full color shot charts and drive charts, digital Scorecards for every game every day? What if we could create an interactive PDF document that incorporated video and audio as well as hyperlinks in addition to the obvious pictures and text?

Would people download the PDF? Would there be enough fans, and would they be that fanatical?

January 31st, 2006 was the 16th anniversary of the launch of the old "National Sports Daily." Where that publication was ahead of it's time, this publication seems to be right on time. ESPN has been around for over 26 years, and as a culture we have been conditioned to accept our news coverage packaged in a 60 minute Sports Center episode. Since the inception of ESPN, the way we view video entertainment has changed from Betamax to VHS to DVD's and now TIVO is a household word. In that same time, audio entertainment has gone from LP's to CD's to MP3s and now Podcasts are di rigeur.

XXL NATIONAL Sports Daily is not your Fathers sports publication (unless of course you are under the age of 18, your last name is Aguirre and you live in Alta Loma, CA...in which case...this probably IS your Fathers sports publication).

Just as ESPN's growth coincided with the boom of cable television, so
XXL NATIONAL Sports Daily's inception fortunately coincides with the boom of broadband access and the birth of PDF publishing.

Just as ESPN was instrumental in revolutionizing sports coverage on television, so XXL NATIONAL Sports Daily will blaze the trail for sports coverage in PDF format for years to come.

Newsprint media is suffering. It is dying a slow, protracted and predictable death. XXL NATIONAL Sports Daily is the phoenix that is poised to rise up from the ashes of daily news print coverage. It's the next "great thing" in sports publishing.

So with that said, we had to ask ourselves one question. Is there a market out for a national daily sports publication? Based on the response we have received in these first few weeks of our "soft launch"...the answer is a resounding YES!

National daily sports papers are commonplace in countries all over the world. XXL is published by sports fans FOR sports fans. You might even say that our publication is "eXXcLusively Published for Demanding Fans." We are at the crossroads of broadband and PDF publishing technologies, which makes this a vehicle that is both sporty and sexy.

I just don't seem to sleep much anymore. I find myself staying up late nights working on XXL NATIONAL and getting up early every morning because I can't wait to start in on it all over again. What you will download over the next several weeks is a sneak preview of what the future holds. Over the next two months, we will add more games and more coverage on a daily basis.

On behalf of the team of dedicated sports fans who work hard everyday to make XXL NATIONAL Sports Daily a reality, we hope that you will make downloading the XXL NSD a daily habit. You can go to http://www.xxlnationalsportsdaily.com/ right now to download today's issue (if you havent done so already). Start the download and go get your cup of coffee. Better yet, start your download and tell your buddy in the next cubicle about this new XXL NATIONAL publication that YOU just found.

A few months ago, XXL NATIONAL Sports Daily began as a mere "what if" question in my mind. What if there were a national sports daily publication that we could produce via PDF file? What if that publication carried full color graphics, scorecards, drive charts and score charts?

Would people read it? Would there be enough fans, and would they be that fanatical?

The past is prelude. Enjoy the future of sports reporting beginning today.

Welcome to the XXL NATIONAL Sports Daily.

Ron Aguirre



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